Andrew Shelters

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Andrew Corporation was known for its manufacture of a variety of wireless technologies (radio, microwave, satellite, radar, 3G, and military communications). It also was known for its superior quality above-ground concrete shelters. Andrew Corporation was acquired in 2007 by CommScope, an internationally-known network infrastructure provider.

Andrew once billed itself as the “one-stop, end-to-end global manufacturer and supplier of RF (radio frequency) systems and solutions.”That global network also included production, and research and development facilities. CommScope acquired Andrew, in part, to expand its own infrastructure solutions offerings, particularly in radio frequency subsystem solutions (for wireless networks), voice, video, data, and mobility.

CommScope anticipated that the addition of Andrew’s systems and solutions would complement and enhance CommScope’s expanding international service model. CommScope currently provides network infrastructure services to customers in more than 100 countries and across three major markets – wireless, enterprise, and broadband.