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Tower Direct is a leading provider of brand name cabinets. Their inventory of cabinets includes products from some of the most recognized telecom and equipment manufacturers in the county. Many cabinets have been designed to protect valuable and sensitive equipment in all-weather conditions; other cabinets shelter equipment from dust, debris, and unauthorized access in interior locations.

Chatham Hennessy: Hennessy was a 76-year-old family-owned Pennsylvania company that merged into Chatham Technologies Inc., of Dallas in 1997. Chatham was one of the major suppliers of integrated electronic enclosures for the domestic market. Chatham-Hennessy manufactured “stainless steel and aluminum expandable environmental outdoor enclosures and outdoor environmental cabinets” for electronic equipment.

Flextronics International Ltd. of Singapore acquired Chatham Technologies in 2000, adding Chatham’s metal equipment cabinets and shelters expertise to their own manufacturing of plastic enclosures for PCs, network servers, and hand-held devices.

Eltek Valere: “A global power specialist,” Eltek Valere (known simply as Eltek) is a provider of power solutions, services, and equipment shelters and cabinets.Founded in 1971 in Norway, Eltek has become an international supplier of power solutions to telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, solar energy, and even electric vehicles.

Eltek cabinets are designed to keep the most sensitive electronics functioning, no matter the environmental extremes. Eltek cabinets are used as standalone or fitted together structures, and as open rack (without side and rear walls) structures. Eltek’s cabinets have been used as power and/or battery cabinets.

Emerson Electric Co. (Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson): Manufacturer of cabinets and shelters that protect video and data electronics from Radio Base Stations to AC power transfer switches to building entrance terminals and more.

Emerson’s cabinets are found in nearly every industry – oil, gas, military, telecommunications and data network, optical networks, mining, and signaling equipment. Emerson’s cabinets fit into a variety of indoor and outdoor environments as side-by-sides or stackables.

Gichner Shelter Systems: Often found in military settings, Gichner has more than 43 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing cabinets, shelters, and modular containers. Many of Gichner’s aluminum cabinets are found in temporary or permanent locations, wherever sensitive equipment needs protection with controlled access or from the elements.

Hoffman Telecom: Considered a leading designer and manufacturer of cabinets. Hoffman products protect electronics, industrial electrical systems, data communications, commercial construction, and government applications. They operate “under a global ISO 9000 certificate” and conduct extensive in-house testing to ensure that their products meet vital international standards.

Hoffman cabinets are manufactured in a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, non-metallic, and aluminum. Their cabinets range in size from small wall mounts to large standalones.

ICS: Manufacturer of sheet metal cabinet enclosures. ICS Industries is an Australian-based designer and supplier of shelters to major telecommunications and government projects. Their cabinet products include multi-bay, modular, twin skin, low profile, standalone, pole mount, and air conditioner and heat exchanger cabinets.

ICS has its own in-house design center and sheet metal fabrication plant to maintain total control of design and quality and produce “world class equipment cabinets.”

Marconi: The Marconi Company was founded as a British telecommunications and engineering company in 1897. Few companies may have undergone as many name changes, mergers, and acquisitions as Marconi.

During the 20th century, Marconi manufactured cabinets to house its telecommunications equipment. As of 2005, Marconi has been part of telecommunications giant Ericsson and the Marconi name is primarily applied to advanced communications systems. It is unknown if Ericsson continues to manufacture Marconi cabinets.

Myers: Myers Power Products, Inc. designs and manufactures medium and low voltage switchgear and products. Their products serve a diversity of customers worldwide including local municipalities, national and international government agencies, the military and NASA. Industries include utilities, telecommunications, commercial, and industrial companies.

Myers’ cabinet line includes pole/wall mount enclosures, standard ground mount enclosures and high security pole and ground mount enclosures.

NEMA Cabinets: NEMA is the acronym for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Cabinets that are designed to meet NEMA rating standards protect equipment in either indoor or outdoor settings. A product description may use the term NEMA cabinet, or NEMA rated.

NEMA ratings define the environments in which an electrical enclosure can be used and often an enclosure’s ability to withstand specified environmental conditions. They are categorized into types (Type 1 through Type 13). NEMA standards are typically applied to fixed enclosures, not mobile devices.

Northern Technologies: Northern Technologies is part of Emerson Network Power and manufactures power protection products that include former NTI models. Northern Technologies cabinets are designed to protect outdoor electronic equipment closures, typically telecom equipment.

NuWay Telecom: Cabinets manufactured by Nu-Way Industries, Inc. are designed and fabricated of precision metal products. NuWay serves industries worldwide, providing reliable housings for electronic equipment. Nu-Way manufactures indoor and outdoor enclosures of aluminum, stainless with precision and efficiency using state-of-the art inspection systems.

Purcell: Purcell Systems (an EnerSys company) is a U.S.-based company serving customers and industries worldwide. They design and manufacture “thermally managed, modular outdoor electronic equipment enclosure solutions” for the telecom, cable/MSO, energy and utility, land mobile radio, transportation industries and the U.S. government and military.

Their cabinets are designed to provide durable shelters for indoor and outdoor environments while remaining committed to serving as environmental stewards, “reducing energy consumption, waste, and emissions.”

Purcell cabinets include outdoor NEMA enclosures, cabinets designed primarily for wireless data equipment, and cabinets to protect various other types of valuable and sensitive equipment.

Sun Engineering: Sun West develops and provides cabinets for communications, utilities, and wireless equipment purposes. Sun cabinets are UL® listed 2416, Zone 4 compliant, able to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. Because they are designed to be lighter weight, they are easily transported, even to difficult-to-access locations, and as easily relocated to new sites.

Telco Technologies: Cabinets manufactured by Telco Technologies, Inc. have been deployed worldwide for more than 25 years. The company commits to zero quality defects and adhering to UL safety standards and Telcordia requirements.

Telco manufactures steel and aluminum cabinets for either indoor or outdoor equipment protection. Many are designed to be mated with other enclosures to accommodate expanding equipment housing needs.

Tyco Electronics: Tyco Electronics is yet another company with a history of acquisitions, mergers, and name changes. As of 2011, Tyco Electronics has been known as TE Connectivity, a component and communications manufacturer.

Tyco cabinets are used to house street-side equipment, providing dust-proof environmental protection. Cabinets are designed to protect active and passive equipment. They may be constructed of aluminum profile frames with double wall panels, polycarbonate, or metal materials.

Westell Technologies: An American-based company, Westell focuses its services and products primarily on the wireless industry. Their cabinet products are designed to “ensure protection of site equipment” for outdoor service, built to meet strict compliance standards, and are weather-tight and lightweight. Some Westell cabinets are NEMA4-compliant; others provide weather-tight security to protect equipment from rain, snow, sleet, ice
and sand storms, and high winds. And still other cabinets are lightweight, all-weather protective, and can be wall, pad, or H-frame mounted.

The inventory of Tower Direct cabinets includes new and used products of varying sizes. Some cabinets are stripped of pre-existing equipment with others may be fitted with AC and/or heating systems, fans, rack units, and other equipment.

While many of these cabinets were originally intended for use in the telecommunications industry, they may be highly adaptable to other purposes and equipment requiring dependable protection.

Tower’s inventory is always changing and not all products from the manufacturers listed here may be available at all times. Contact Tower Direct for product details, availability, pricing, quantity orders, and volume pricing (available on some cabinets).