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Sometimes, equipment is located in a difficult-to-access area. Transporting and placing a heavier structure made of concrete or metal may be challenging. A fiberglass shelter can be a durable alternative to a heavier structure.

Fiberglass shelters are made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic. It is extremely pliable and can be molded into many shapes and structures. Strong, lightweight, and durable, some fiberglass shelters have greater bulk strength than many metal shelters of similar proportions.

Among the benefits of fiberglass shelters:

  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Lightweight, easy to relocate
  • More easily transported, set up, relocated
  • Able to withstand weather extremes
  • Some are constructed to be air and waterproof

Fiberglass shelters protect sensitive and expensive equipment in many industries, environments, and in military settings.

Despite the benefits of fiberglass, it also has its drawbacks:

  • Less durable long term than concrete or metal shelters
  • Potential for developing leaks, jeopardizing the structural integrity of any wood framing and supports
  • Cost may be the same as that of concrete shelters

Portability and repurposing may be two of the more significant benefits to selecting a fiberglass shelter. Fiberglass may offer excellent protection for shorter-term projects, then be redeployed elsewhere.

Tower Direct’s inventory of fiberglass shelters is continually changing. Brand name shelters available at any time may include Dupont, ROHN, Tracom, and VFP. Contact Tower Direct for information on the current availability of fiberglass shelters, details, and pricing.