Eltek Cabinets

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Eltek Cabinets

Eltek has been providing high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion services for over 40 years. Eltek products serve diverse international industries including telecom, power distribution, solar energy, rail and infrastructure. Clients rely on the power and dependability of their sophisticated Eltek electronic systems. They depend on Eltek cabinets to shelter that extremely sensitive and valuable equipment.

Eltek is a Norwegian company that acquired U.S.-based Valere in 2007. As Eltek Valere the company launched (among other projects) a hybrid telecom power system that was rolled into service at 8 mobile telecom sites across Nigeria. The sites are used by Nigeria’s wireless operators. Eltek Valere also launched a solar hybrid outdoor DC power system that was developed specifically for the Indian telecom market.

No matter the project or location, Eltek continues to produce quality cabinets and shelters for its equipment. Eltek prides itself on manufacturing products that blend in with their environment.

Tower Direct occasionally has Eltek Valere cabinets in its inventory. These quality cabinets may be utilized for projects similar/identical to their original manufactured purpose or adapted to new project use. Some cabinets may be new, never used, and still kitted with some original equipment like AC units, etc.