ROHN Shelters

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ROHN Industries, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment since 1948. ROHN Industries originally was a family business that manufactured towers for home television reception. ROHN continued to expand its communications products line, eventually designing and manufacturing fiberglass and concrete equipment shelters in the 1970s.

ROHN was acquired by UNR Industries in the 1970s and manufacture of shelters continued with the new company; in the late 1990s, UNR changed its name to ROHN Industries, Inc. Modular Connections, LLC acquired the shelters manufacture part of ROHN in 2003 and continues to support ROHN’s former customers.

ROHN offered high strength concrete shelters, lightweight equipment shelters, and fiberglass equipment shelters. The concrete building systems were designed and manufactured to be “virtually maintenance-free, versatile, strong and attractive.” Storm proof, bullet-, fire-, and earthquake-resistant (to Zone 4 conditions), steel reinforced ROHN shelters were “built to withstand institutional use and vandalism.”

The lightweight steel frame equipment shelters were available in two versions, the noncombustible version and the standard version. The noncombustible version was designed specifically for rooftop use (to meet fire code requirements). The standard version was not manufactured with the noncombustible materials.

Tower Direct’s inventory periodically includes original ROHN concrete and fiberglass shelters. Contact Tower Direct to inquire about availability, details and pricing of original ROHN shelters.