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Precision Quincy Corporation was established in 1943 as Precision Gasket & Sheet Metal Company. Their early products were teletype machine casings for the war effort, pipe gaskets, and steel dies. With time and other company acquisitions, Precision Quincy expanded its product lines, eventually including hazardous materials storage buildings and by the late 1990s, light-weight metal shelters used for telecom, utilities, and railroad industries.

The shelter business assets were sold to The Armor Group, Inc., in 2013, which changed its name to Precision Quincy Shelters. The new Precision Quincy Shelters company continues to manufacture quality light-weight shelters. Today, Precision Quincy Shelters manufactures shelters for the North American and growing Asian markets.

Precision Quincy offers shelters fabricated of corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel construction, welded steel construction, and .100 aluminum (a high-strength product for extended service life). All Precision Quincy shelters are insulated with finished interiors; some units are finished with “rock-solid aggregate exteriors”.

Shelters from Precision Quincy offer durability and adaptability. Their lighter weight means they are easier to transport, place, and relocate, as needed.

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