Purcell Cabinets

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Purcell Systems Inc. is a global company with a base in the US and a counterpart located in Stockholm, Sweden. Purcell has served the telecom market since 2000. Its specialty is designing and manufacturing “industry-leading, thermally managed, modular outdoor electronic enclosure solutions. Purcell cabinets are used by such industries as wireless telecom, cable/MSO, energy/utility, transportation, government, military, and public safety.

Many Purcell cabinets are designed to be as compact as possible while still providing maximum protection for sensitive equipment. There often are a variety of options for mounting Purcell cabinets as well as cabinet designs that can support a variety of applications.

Purcell is not only committed to manufacturing low-footprint, high-quality cabinets and shelters, it also has committed “to being a positive environmental steward striving to protect and enhance our local and global environments.”

Tower Direct periodically has an inventory of Purcell Systems cabinets. Contact Tower Direct to ask about current product availability as well as details and pricing.