NEMA Cabinets

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NEMA cabinets are typically smaller shelters for electrical equipment. They may be designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) was founded in 1926 to serve the electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers. Its member companies manufacture a wide range of products for the electro industry.

NEMA “provides a forum for the development of technical standards that are in the best interests of the industry and users.” It views itself as a champion for safety, innovation, the environment, interoperability, and products standards (among other purposes).

Often, cabinets and boxes by many manufacturers will be generically referred to as ‘NEMA boxes’, indicating that they are manufactured to meet one of the Type categories established by NEMA. Those Types denote the cabinet’s ability to withstand certain interior and/or exterior conditions, protect personnel from exposure to hazardous situations, etc.

Types 1 through 13 (and subtypes) address the degree of protection the enclosure or cabinet provides such as shielding against access to hazardous parts, protection against ingress of solid foreign objects or moisture, etc.

Some NEMA boxes are wall mounted whereas others may be floor mounted. NEMA boxes can provide a variety of uses no matter their size or mounting design.

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