Marconi Cabinets

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Once, it was the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company, a British telecommunications company founded in 1897/1900 (historians differ) by inventor Guglielmo Marconi. Over the next century, it changed names a number of times, including Marconi Company Limited, GEC-Marconi Limited, Marconi Electronic Systems Limited, and Marconi plc.

The various-named Marconi also became a subsidiary of such other notable telecommunications companies as General Electric Company (GEC), GEC Plessey Telecommunications (GPT), Siemens Communications, and ultimately Ericsson. Segments of the Marconi company have been divided or merged into other branches of the many other owner companies and have gradually diminished or ceased operations altogether.

The name ‘Marconi’ continues in Ericsson’s advanced communications equipment lines but there is no confirmation that Ericsson continues to manufacture Marconi-named cabinets.

Marconi, in its various iterations, manufactured cabinets to shelter its radio and telecommunications equipment. Marconi cabinets are still in use around the world and are occasionally available in the Tower Direct inventory. These Marconi metal cabinets are of varying sizes, with or without some equipment (such as AC and heaters).

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