Hoffman Cabinets

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In a world where mergers and acquisitions are common, Hoffman has become part of the Pentair family (as of November 2014). Hoffman joins Pentair to “enhance Pentair’s brand of Hoffman equipment protection solutions.” Pentair Technical Solutions is considered a global leader of “systems and solutions that safeguard industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware, electronic devices, and electrical heat management systems.”

Hoffman cabinets are manufactured for many purposes, in many sizes, fitted for diverse uses and for indoor or outdoor applications. Some are capable of sealing equipment from wet, dusty, or hot environments – ideal for voice/data equipment and servers. Hoffman cabinets are designed for use as junction boxes, NEMA Type boxes, wall-mount enclosures, free-standing enclosures, floor-mounted enclosures, and even seismic cabinets capable of protecting LAN and WAN network equipment in high vibration areas.

These cabinets are typically manufactured of steel or mild steel with Hoffman’s commitment to excellence and quality. As the Pentair/Hoffman website proclaims, “When the world thinks of industrial enclosures, it thinks of Hoffman.”

Tower Direct occasionally offers quality Hoffman cabinets in its inventory. Sizes and fittings will vary but one thing remains the same: Tower offers all Hoffman cabinets at well below manufacturer prices. Contact Tower Direct for product availability, details, and pricing.