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Equipping a project on a very lean budget doesn’t always mean cutting corners. It is possible to provide cabinets to shelter important equipment without sacrificing quality or paying full factory prices.

Tower Direct has an inventory of used telecom cabinets that can accommodate like-for-like telecom equipment or be deployed to totally new and different purposes. These are brand name cabinets from well-known manufacturers including:

  • Ubiquetel
  • Hoffman
  • Emerson
  • Tracom
  • Marconi
  • Sun Engineering
  • Chatham
  • Kyocera

Many of these cabinets have been totally stripped of original equipment. Other cabinets may include such fittings as A/C, 120V panel, thermostatically controlled fan, heater, rack units or other equipment. There also is an inventory of military grade shielded cabinets designed to meet special ops specifications.

Tower’s inventory includes a range of cabinet sizes between 26” x 26” x 36” to 5’ x 9’ x 7’. Some cabinets are fully all-weather capable and other cabinets will provide superior equipment protection for indoor-based equipment; some units may be wall mountable.

Although these cabinets have been used for previous projects, they still have plenty of good service to offer. These brand-name cabinets were designed to protect equipment in all kinds of conditions and settings. Any of them can provide long-term protection for your project’s gear.

Good quality equipment cabinets can be affordable. Tower Direct offers brand-name cabinets at well below factory-direct prices. This certainly helps stretch your project budget dollars farther.

Note that some cabinets may be available in large quantities and volume pricing may also be available. However, inventory is always changing so contact Tower Direct for availability, product details, and pricing.