VFP Shelters

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VFP has manufactured prefabricated shelters for nearly 50 years. Their prefabricated structures have sheltered sensitive and valuable equipment in the telecommunications, power, and modular building industries.

VFP’s concrete shelters are prefabricated reinforced solid concrete to be bullet resistant and also provide a 2-hour fire endurance rating. All of the shelter’s panels (walls, roof, and floor) are welded into a single unit to provide maximum strength for each shelter. Optimal weather protection is created by panel-to-panel joints that form a double seal. Most concrete shelters are finished with aggregate that is treated with a clear coat sealer for UV protection and aesthetic enhancement.

The structural metal panel shelters also are prefabricated, and protected with “galvaneal” coating to increase corrosion resistance. VFP designs these shelters to adapt easily to various kinds of foundations (including perimeter grade beams, concrete slabs, piers, and compacted gravel).

VFP manufactured fiberglass shelters to order for the US Coast Guard. Effectively protecting the Coast Guard’s sensitive communications equipment, the fiberglass shelters were able to withstand the salty sea spray, extreme coastal weather conditions and winds up to 125mph (and flying debris, too).

VPF also produces lightweight non-combustible shelters (ideal for rooftop locations where fire codes mandate certain levels of non-combustibility of rooftop structures).

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