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Kullman Industries’ history spanned nearly 90 years. Once a manufacturer of prefabricated diners (building one diner a day in the late 1920s), its product line grew to include prefabricated housing, schools, banks, communications facilities, and aggregate equipment enclosures. Kullman declared bankruptcy in 2011 and was acquired by Xsite Modular, another major provider of prefabricated, modular buildings.

Original Kullman shelters were engineered to be safe, secure, and cost-efficient. They were constructed with uni-welded 12-gauge steel framing and roofing and 4′ concrete sub-flooring. The shelters were “totally non-combustible construction,” finished to be aesthetically pleasing, yet resistant to vandals and bullets. Kullman shelters were built to be in compliance with building codes nationwide.

Kullman’s various building have provided durable service across a span of three quarters of a century.(A number of its diners remain popular eateries in the USA and Europe.) And many Kullman shelters are still in service as well, still strong enough to withstand weather extremes – rain, ice and snow, high winds, lightening, and other environmental assaults. As the company motto stated, “Always on guard, protecting your investment.”