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Emerson Shelters

Emerson Network Power is a global manufacturer of power, connectivity, power switching and controls, and outside plant/shelters. Their shelters protect data centers and communication networks. Emerson has 100+ years of experience in telecommunications and information technology. Their products and shelters serve customers on all continents.

Emerson’s small node shelters are designed to provide protection for smaller telecom systems. These node shelters are manufactured to provide different levels of protection, from basic (where the shelter is not required to provide high-level fire protection) to “robust” (shelters with reinforced walls for higher intrusion protection). Node shelters are designed and manufactured to be durable in outdoor environments.

Prefabricated modular shelters are designed for service with telecom switch systems and other applications like oil and gas, mining, military, optical networks, and more. Modular shelters are pre-fabricated and tested for quality and reliability and “based on the leading technologies of Emerson Network Power.”

When you think of quality shelters, think of Emerson. But be aware that the inventory of Emerson shelters is always changing. Contact Tower Direct for current availability, details and pricing.