CellXion Shelters

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CellXion is an equipment shelter product line from Sabre Industries Building Systems by CellXion. They are specialists in manufacture of concrete, structural steel, and ultra-light aluminum shelters. Sabre Building Systems by CellXion is one of the largest telecom shelter manufacturers in the United States.

CellXion’s concrete shelters (walls, floor, and roof) are concrete-solid. Some of CellXion’s lightweight concrete shelters are designed to withstand winds of up to 150 mph and reinforced with ASTM A-615 Grade 60 steel. CellXion’s concrete shelters provide “cost-effective intrusion, ballistic, and fire resistance.”

The structural steel and ultra-light aluminum shelters are manufactured to be durable and flexible, bullet resistant, and fire-rated for up to 2 hours. They are a good shelter option when site accessibility is one of the important project factors – easily put in place or relocated as needed.

Use a CellXion shelter for your own telecom equipment project or consider adapting it for other equipment housing purposes. Whatever the setting and purpose, CellXion shelters can provide reliable protection, durability, and security.

Tower Direct offers CellXion shelters of various sizes and fittings. Contact Tower Direct for details, pricing and availability (volume pricing may be available for some CellXion shelters).